Tell a Friend Friday


If you’ve had any manner of conversation with me in the last year, I’ve probably, at one time or another, mentioned my favorite podcast, Croncast.  I sometimes call them my “imaginary friends”, since I talk about them as if we go way back, when in actuality, I’ve never met Kris or Betsy and probably never will.  This small fact doesn’t stop me from catching myself saying things like, “oh, my friend Betsy…”  And then turning bright red, realizing what I’ve just said. So join me in imaginary friend-hood, and get yourself hooked the best podcast around.  Kris and Betsy started “Tell a Friend Friday” to encourage more folks to listen and since most of my immediate friends (the “real” ones) either don’t have an MP3 player or don’t know what in he world a podcast is (perhaps I need some new friends), I thought I’d celebrate TFF by shouting to the internet: Listen!  You’ll laugh!  They’re funny!

Go here and listen, then subscribe through let’s see, how does Kris put it?  “…through iTunes or an online streaming media player” and get yourselves caught up in the lives of the crazy Smith family (and I mean “crazy” in the nicest possible way).  You’ll laugh till people point and stare.

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