New! Shiny! Yay!!!

I’ve never been good at being patient when it comes to getting new gadgets.  I was planning to wait until Friday (payday) to get my new camera, but I couldn’t.  As soon as I decided on the camera I wanted to replace my poor little FX01, I was obsessed.  That’s all I could think about and yesterday after work I figured, what the heck.  What difference is two days really going to make?  So here she is, my new Panasonic DMC-TZ3.  The TZ3 has all the features I loved about my FX01, plus a higher megapixel capability and a 10x optical zoom.  It also has a few new presets and an interesting setting called Intelligent ISO which senses the available light and the movement of the subject and adjust the ISO appropriately.  Interesting.  We’re still getting to know each other, but I think we’ll soon be best friends.

The picture above was taken at 11pm in the bathroom mirror on the Self Portrait setting with the flash off.  Not bad!  Except for the hair.  Sorry, there’s no crazy hair fix setting on the camera.


One Comment

  1. Congratulations! Now we have to pick a time for you to come over with your camera so you can take pics of Jane. Also, bring a cake and your tiny bags, because I want to buy one badly.


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