After seeing How About Orange playing with make-your-own Shrinky Dinks, I had to try this myself. Did you know there was such a thing as make-your-own Shrinky Dinks? Who knew? Jessica used a set from Readymade, and as much as I love Readymade, I found a better price on the Shrinky Dink website. All you have to do is enlarge your image, lighten it, print it on the Shrinky paper, cut it out, and bake it. So easy and completely cool!

I may have played with Shrinky Dinks as a kid, but somehow I don’t think so. A craft of this level of awesomeness would not slip from my memory. They are way too much fun. These four pieces above were my first try. I printed them out to be 3″ across and they shrunk up to 1 1/4″. I punched a little hole before baking and now I have some very cool pendants. I am so excited to try to make earrings and all sorts of other craft projects. It’s easy and foolproof. Everyone should try.

I even got a little creative and tried a little word block. I printed “peace” on a 1″x 1.5″ square, then punched two holes in the top and three in the bottom. I baked it, added some jump rings, beads and a little bell and… check it out!

Sorry it’s little blurry. But, really, how cool is that? I think I’m on to something!

I tried to record a little video of the shrinking process because watching the pieces curl up, shrink and flatten out perfectly is like watching magic happen. I was going to put the video on YouTube to share, but then I watched it and saw that you could clearly make out one big, giant dork in the reflection of the toaster oven door watching the pieces shrink. I figured that my dorkiness is way too distracting and took away from the instructional quality of the video, so that video is not going to be shared.


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