A Walk in the Woods

Molly and I took a walk down to the river tonight and it was gorgeous. It was so beautiful that I was sorry I was alone and wished I could share it with someone. Since my favorite someone is sleeping, I thought I’d share it with you. Walk with us, would you?

You can always follow Molly, she knows the way. This is on a new trail that Luke made with the bush hog a couple of weekends back so we could ride the dirt bikes through the woods. It makes a good walking path, too! Can you smell the grapes? They’re everywhere and even though they’re evil and horrible invasive and killing the native trees, they smell really nice. Take a whiff.

When you first step out of the path and into the field out back, this is what you see. Can you believe I get to come here anytime I want? I wish we could see this from the house. There’s more dirt bike trails. Whee!

Peek over the riverbank – oops, don’t get too close! You might fall in. See that there? Damn beavers. I mean wow, a beaver dam. Admire the wonder of nature and the marvelous engineering of those flat-tailed rats the fastidious beavers. We broke this dam apart a couple of weeks ago and those rats the beavers built it back up again. Before you get angry at me for undoing the work of those buck-toothed jerks the beavers, do you know why beavers build dams? Because they don’t like the sound of the running water. Think about that for a minute. Why don’t they just settle somewhere else?! I don’t like the sound of route 6 but you haven’t seen me out there dropping trees across the lanes. Anyhoo… turn around. Isn’t this pretty?

Yes, I agree. Molly does, too. She sat and admired it for a while. OK, moving on now, peek over the bank here. There’s a tree leaning into the water and you never know what might have gotten caught in the roots. See anything interesting?

Among our finds here there has been a swing set, a beach chair, a port-o-let and several 2x4s. Nothing interesting today, though. Hay, look over by that field.

Get it? HAY? Actually it’s grass gone to seed, but it looks hay-ish. Ah-choo!

Well, time to head back up to the house. Thanks for sharing our walk with us. I think that counts as calories burned, go treat yourself to a ring ding.



  1. The part about putting trees across Rt 6 was hilarious. You are too funny!! And where did you get this information about beavers building dams because they don’t like the sound of running water. That sounds crazy to me.


  2. Every fall they dam up some spot in the river and start attacking the cherry trees on the bank so I wanted to do some research and see why they would be doing this. Turns out, it’s just instinct.


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