Making New Enemies

Sometimes ebay can be a fun place to find unique treasures at a great price. Sometimes it’s a battlefield of frustration and frantic bidding where, if I could reach into my computer and slap some people, I would. I’d break their keyboards, too, if I could.

Last winter when I was looking for a cast iron floor grate, I found an ebay enemy named island_resident. She outbid me on every grate auction. She was driving me insane, and then she bought a grate that I had for sale. Oh, the irony!

Now that I’m again searching for something specific, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 (translation: camera), I have a fresh crop of enemies bidding against me. Don’t they understand that I NEED a camera? Can’t they just back off once? Please? I have lost eleven, ELEVEN auctions in the past three days to the same small group of camera-hunters. We really need to get together and share.


One Comment

  1. That is a riot. I didn’t know that grate lady bought YOUR grate. This is irony. What happened to that Best Buy outlet on EBay? Are you getting outbid there too? Did you try good old Craig’s List? You never know what you mind find there . . . I haven’t found any enemies there yet, but I did find a new friend.


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