She flips me the bird

Every night she flips me the bird. When I come home from work she flips me the bird. When she’s excited she flips me the bird and often she does it to Luke, too. And it’s so darn cute. The bird is Molly’s favorite toy bird. We’re not sure what it’s really supposed to be (pheasant? grouse?) so we just call it “the bird”.

Every night after Luke leaves for work, Molly and I have a routine. We come upstairs, I grab my book, she grabs her bird, and we head to bed. I set the alarm while she waits patiently and as soon as I slip under the covers, she comes running up the bed and flips the bird onto my chest. She chews on it a little, sometimes the well-worn squeaker works, then she lays down and falls asleep next to me and the bird. It’s the sweetest thing, Molly’s equivalent of a good-night kiss.

Luke and I can tell, by listening to her paws on the wood floor, when she has the bird. She has a different way that she runs, almost like she’s prancing. She could be fast asleep on the couch and something will suddenly compel her to go look for the bird. She’ll run room to room looking (usually it’s under the covers in the bed) then she’ll proudly prance down the hall with it and toss it at me or Luke. I just find it incredibly adorable. She likes to sleep with it, too. I tried to catch her snoozing with her head on the bird but she looked up as the camera went off. Oh well, this one’s cute, too.

On this rainy and gloomy day, I wish that we could all have Molly flip us the bird. It always cheers me up.


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