My Happy Place

Sunday I had to go to make a run to the antique store to buy a last-minute birthday gift for a friend who was stopping by for a visit. It’s always such a crime when I have to go to the antique store. Shucks. There’s one that I love a few minutes from my house in Coventry. Actually it’s two antique places, one is a big collection of buildings called Memory Lane Antiques, and across the parking lot is a consignment-style shop with individual dealer stalls called Memories, Too. I love them both and I generally start at Memories, Too where I can breeze through quickly. If I have the time, I let myself go next door to my happy place. It’s ginormous and dusty and strangely arranged. There’s a barn that backs up to a sun room attached to a deck off of a barn outside of a house and all of these wonderful spaces have treasures hidden in them. My favorite place to go is between the two barns, just off of the sun room deck and it’s a crazy pile of rusty things. It’s the outdoor patio furniture area and for some reason I feel happy among all that rusty steel. It made me laugh walking into the dangerous maze of scrap metal and I wanted so badly to take a picture. My camera is still not behaving so I had to use my Treo which I did to take this shot of the yard.

What do you need? It’s probably here. Rusty rooster? Bare-chested stone lady sculpture? Stained glass lamp? There’s a ton of great furniture that I want to come back and buy once we get our deck built, but my favorite thing to do is wander around to see what’s hidden in the piles. Old windows, brass angels, steel tires, treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Inside the next barn there’s usually the strangest things, like the stuffed rattlesnake posed to strike which nearly killed me when I peeked under a table and saw it there and almost had a coronary. They recently cleaned it up a little and actually had some lights lit, instead of the usual natural lighting which allowed me to see these frogs.

The only other time I have seen a frog like this was in my garden after I tiled up the soil, some rocks, and, hey, a ceramic frog. The frog lost its legs in the tilling incident but I left him in the garden (where he still sits) because I forgot to throw the broken piece of frog junk out. Well apparently he is a Weller frog and apparently he is worth some cash. $45 each for these guys. They have their legs, though, so I assume mine is worthless. Intriguing, though. How did he end up in the garden? And why would someone put a valuable ceramic from in the garden in the first place? I’ll never know.

All in all it was a successful trip to the store. Not only I get to wander in the garden of lost rusty metal things, I also learned about Weller frogs and bought myself yet another wooden organizer box, one of my latest obsessions. Oh, I also managed to find a beautiful painted wooden bowl and vintage tea towel for my friend. That was the reason I went there in the first place, right?


  1. It’s on the corner of route 44 and 32 up across the street from the big farm at the top of the hill on the corner of Silver St. How’s that for country directions? It’s the big red barn-looking place.


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