Last Sunday I spent the day weeding my gardens and even though it was H-O-T hot, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that this may be the last time I pull weeds before I’m raking leaves and getting ready for the snow.  Fall is on the way.

I took pictures last night of some of the stars of my garden right now, and looking back at them, you can tell that summer is almost over.  The light is different.  Fall has a light of it’s own – clear and yellow and beautiful. The kind of light you expect to filter through the orange and red leaves as to pick apples and carve pumpkins.

I love fall, I especially love the fall fairs.  I saw a commercial for the Big E this morning, I’m so excited.  But the fall leads to… well, Christmas shopping and carrying in wood for the stove, and five months of black dust in the house.  Oh, and snow, too. Can’t forget about that.  But for now I’m just going to enjoy the end of summer and the beautiful clear fall light.  It’s almost apple pie-baking season!



  1. Oh you are killing me with that black dust comment. I am dreading that!!! What do I hate more, being cold or having a dusty house? Not sure. Boo to winter.


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