Fun at the Park

Alex on the swing

Yesterday I was feeling almost back to normal, so when my sister asked if I’d like to go to the park with her and the boys, I said “heck yeah”! There’s a new park in South Windsor across from the high school and if you’ve never been there, you should go. Ignore the signs everywhere that say that the fun slide and the monkey bars and the tire swing and all are for ages 5-12. Whatever. That’s a little strict for a “boundless” playground, don’t you think?

I was feeling much peppier, but the boys started to look strangely droopy and at one point, Alex told me to stay on the swings while he went over and took a rest on the bench. Actually, the conversation went something like “No, ME! You! SWING!” complete with crossing guard-style hand motions. That’s fine though. You don’t have to tell me twice to go swing. We took turns and Alex took the pictures while I played on the swings. By the way, the grumpy little dictator – he’s two. I’m thirty-one. Look who’s bossing who around.

He does like to take pictures, though. I don’t know where he got this ancient idea that you need to put your eye up to the camera to see what you’re taking a picture of. He was born in the age of digital cameras and nice, big displays! My camera doesn’t even have a viewfinder so there was plenty of sticky Alex cheek on the display screen afterwards. He did a pretty good job of getting us in this picture. And this isn’t a bad shot of Andrea and Cameron.

Then Cameron wanted to try. Cameron’s been taking pictures since before he could talk. He knows how to use a digital camera better than most adults. See how nicely he framed us?

We played some more and then went to an ice cream stand/petting zoo in Ellington, just over the South Windsor line. We had some delicious ice cream and I got to snuggle some goats (I really want goats, please can I have goats?) and then Cameron started to act funny like he wasn’t feeling well. Like he was sick. With a cold. So help me, if I get another could right now I really am going to look for that bubble to live in.


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