France continued

Continued from here.

Sat 7-2

Today was a good day. I figured out why the camera wasn’t working and I fixed it. Christelle took me to her school in Creusot and I took pictures of he town and school. We had lunch when we got home and then I had to take a nap! Still jet-lagged!

When I woke up, Mr Humblot took me, Christelle, Kathy, and Christine to Chalon to do some shopping. I took pictures of Chalon, but not too many, I was too busy shopping! I bought a cute dress for 50F. I thought I was getting a deal at about $12, but it turned out to be about $9! Even better! I need to exchange my Travelers’ Cheques but M Humblot said that the place was closed today. I love Christine, she’s the older sister of Alexandria, a friend and neighbor of Christelle. She’s so funny and so full of energy! She speaks a little English, too!

After dinner (finally a meal with no stomach ache!) Christelle, Kathy, Alexandria, and another Catherine went for a walk around the lake and Cathy and Christelle went for a swim. I can’t wait to develop my film because I took a picture of the horizon at 10pm and the sun was out!! It was beautiful!!

I called home again today. When I talked to he operator, I forgot how to say “yes”. I said “oui, si, oui… yes!” Tomorrow I guess we’ll spend the day at the lake. COOL! I haven’t been here long, but I can’t wait for some COLD Poland Spring water, a shower and a toilet in the same room together, and a stand-up shower with a curtain!! It’s 11:20pm, bon soir!

Sun 7/3

I can say that today was OK. I have these strange surges of emotions here. This morning I had croissants! Real ones! Then Christelle and I watched American cartoons dubbed in French. I got bored and started to feel sad before lunch – we had quiche! What a French day. We had quiche for dinner, too, but that seems to be the pattern. We went to the lake after lunch and we all got sunburns! There’s a purple light here in the room and it makes me look fire engine red! I need to figure out how to say “suntan lotion” in French. I had fun at the lake and also when we got back and Christine picked out her favorite boys from my yearbook. Then we had dinner and I started to cry. I missed everyone so much so I wrote letters and I felt better but I really want to see everyone! We all went out for an after-dinner walk (at 10pm) and Christelle and Cathy made me laugh. Now I feel better.

I seem to start climbing a big hill in the morning where I start thinking about everyone and it gets very hard. Then I go take a shower around 7 or 8pm and I cry for everything I miss, and then I feel better. I wish I could talk to everyone each night to make sure they’re OK without me. šŸ™‚ It’s 10:30pm now, we’re going to an amusement park in Dijon tomorrow and I have to get some sleep! No pictures today.

Monday July 4, 1994

Today was a good day. We went to an “amusement park” in Dijon which was actually a giant mall with an amusement park and an indoor water park, oh, and also a hotel! On the way to Dijon we drove by a bunch of vineyards and I wish I could have taken pictures out of the car window but everyone drives so fast! i haven’t figured out what 140km is yet, but I know it’s fast! Today it was just me, Christelle, the neighbor Lucien, and his son Sylvan. Mr and Mme Humblot had to work. No one told me that there would be a water park, so Sylvan and I had to buy bathing suits there. We couldn’t find a bank so I borrowed 103F from Lucien for my suit. That’s about $20. Sylvan bought a Speedo like all of the other French men wear šŸ™‚ and it was more expensive than my suit! We spent about 4hrs at the water park and I learned a new word: “coule”. It means “to dunk”. We all chased eachother around and I laughed so hard m stomach hurt!! It was really fun. Sylvan reminds me of Luke.

I’ve been to about 3 or 4 shopping centers here and have noticed that there are more things in America with French on them than there are here in France!! Everything is in English and it’s so expensive!! A Quicksilver sweatshirt was 500F ($100)!! Also, Burton is a company that makes badminton rackets and Wannabee is a popular clothing line. I also saw a store called “Sick”. So strange. We also never listen to French music! It’s all old American dance music, like Ace of Bass. Sylvan wanted to buy a Kool and the Gang tape today!! I had them listen to the Grateful Dead but they can’t dance to it! I visited Beaune and Dijon a little and mailed letters to Luke and Mom. I know Mom will worry when she reads my letter but I’m fine! I’m having fun and getting a good sunburn! There aren’t any plans for tomorrow, we’ll probably go to the lake. I hope the 4th of July was fun and safe in the US!


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