Back Pain Sucks

It really does.  And not just because it hurts, a whole lot, or because it keeps me from doing everything I want to do besides whine and moan, but because it’s all I can think about.  And I can seem to talk about.  I haven’t wanted to blog because I wanted to spare you the pissy complaints.  I feel incredibly self-absorbed when I’m dealing with a spasm, I can’t really pay attention to anything.  I can’t watch TV because I drift in and out of focus, and I can’t even have a conversation with anyone because my mind starts to wander as the other person is talking.  I’m great fun, huh?  SO what else do you do when you’re feeling crabby and self-absorbed?  Get a massage!

My sister’s friend Nancy is a massage therapist and, for no good reason whatsoever, I haven’t been to see her in about four years.  When I got to work yesterday and felt like an exhausted cramped up tight muscle, I decided that I didn’t care what it cost, I was going to have a massage.   Nancy was nice enough to get me in right away and by 3pm yesterday, I was blissfully laying on the soft, comfy massage table in Nancy’s house with the afternoon breeze blowing through the window and chimes twinkling in the distance.  Nancy apologized first, and then attacked my psoas muscles, which are the cause of all of my problems.  All of them.

If anyone has has a tight muscle massaged and felt an overwhelming ticklish sensation, you’ll know how I felt.  For an hour.  Nancy mercilessly kneaded and prodded the fronts of my hips and I tried not to jump out of my skin and run from the room.  It wasn’t exactly my favorite part of the massage, but Nancy was nice enough to also work on my shoulders and my hands and my feet, so I forgave her.

I left there feeling  wonderful and smelling like lavender.  I was more mobile, less cramped and stiff, and I felt relaxed.  It was fantastic.  Now today, I’m back to feeling stiff again and want so badly to go back and see Nancy today.  I’ll try to hold off.  I do know that the stiffness is different, though, and I am on the way back to normal, thank goodness.


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  1. That description of the massage made me cringe. I hate them! And what’s the point if you’re back to hurting the next day? Yuck. Get some good pain killers!


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