Please Draw On My Walls

Since even before we moved into our house, I’ve hated the kitchen backsplash. It’s the same icky beige Formica as the counters and is just way too much drab color for one room. Some day, I really want to tile it with little colorful glass tiles, but since I don’t have the budget for that yet, I did what any reasonable person would do as an alternative. I painted it with chalkboard paint.

You might be horrified right now, thinking BLACK? On your walls? But really, it’s beautiful and makes the kitchen feel cozier to me. We have red walls, all black and stainless appliances, plus miles of oak cabinets, so it’s plenty warm and beautiful. And I can draw on it! That’s the best part. I have to wait four days for it to cure before I can break out the chalk, and boy will I break it out. I’m so excited.

Here are some more views to take in. Oh, hello apricots.

Meet my mixer, her name is Angelina and I love her.

Cool isn’t it?   Wait until I draw all over it.




  1. So cool…I want a chalkboard wall…hmmm that would be really cool in Nikolai’s room! He just snuck a red crayon into his nap the other day and colored the whole inside of his crib!


  2. I can’t imagine a more brilliant idea for your backplash and I look forward to all the creative things you will do with it! Can’t wait to see it.


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