If I Wasn’t Already Married

I think I might have to ask Mr. Clean to marry me.  Have you seen these things?  Magic Erasers?  They are indeed magic and everyone with kids or pets or messy klutzes like me should have a box on hand all the time.  I was prompted to buy them after returning to work from vacation to find that my boss’s darling grandkids had been visiting and had colored all over my white desk with permanent marker.  Sweet, no?

I opened the box of magic and find the less-than-impressive white sponges.  They certainly don’t look magical.  They’re not glowing or humming or anything.  But then you wet them a little and rub your permanent marker stains and *POOF!*  Gone.  I was stunned.  Suddenly I was scrubbing everything in my office, scuff marks, finger prints, sticky tape residue, there was nothing that this magic sponge wouldn’t take off!

I went home and tackled my kitchen with one.  Burned starch on my glass top stove that’s been there for a year – gone!  Grease on the backsplash, rust on the stainless steel dishwasher door, paint on the counter – gone, gone, GONE!  I can’t believe it took me so long to buy these miracle sponges.

Yes, it’s sort of sad that I’m so excited about a cleaning tool, but I thought that everyone should know how awesome these are.  I might just have to buy them for everyone I know.  Bridal shower, birthday, anniversary?  You need a Magic Eraser!  New house, new job, new puppy?  You need a Magic Eraser!  They’re amazing.



  1. You can’t have him…I saw him first…lol My daughter got me hooked on them. She works at a daycare and they keep em stocked up!!


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