Vacation Mode

As of this Friday, Luke and I are officially on vacation and I am beyond psyched. It’s been over a year and a half since I had an entire week off. Well, I guess I have to technically take that back. I get the week between Christmas and New Year’s off but this year I had a rotten cold that I got on Christmas Eve and held onto until New Year’s day. So in my opinion, that week didn’t count. Plus, Luke worked the whole week so it really didn’t count.

Most years we spend our summer vacation week going somewhere motorcycle-related to camp with other motorcycle folks. As much as I do enjoy that, I would kill to go somewhere different. Somewhere with a real bed and a roof not made of waterproofed nylon weave. Somewhere where the food is good and there are cold gin and tonics at my disposal, and maybe a beach to relax on.

This year, I get to have my way. And best of all, we don’t even have to leave Andover. We’re staying home. But even better, we’re going to stay down by the river every day and pretend we’re far, far away instead of a couple of acres from the house. I am totally excited about this.

We’re planning to throw on our bathing suits and river shoes every morning, pack a cooler of food we can cook over the camp fire for lunch, and just hang out by the river swimming and sunning and reading. Molly can swim and run to her heart’s content and we can enjoy the beautiful, sunshiney weather every day. Maybe we’ll pitch the tent down there and really pretend we’re away from home.

(Here’s Luke at the river last summer, practicing for our upcoming vacation.)

But don’t you worry. I won’t get a chance to miss those motorcycle friends of ours, the first weekend of our vacation we’re heading up for two nights of camping with my dad’s group of two-wheeling folks in Somerset, VT. (I just Googled Somerset, VT to find a weather forecast and found that Somerset has a population of 2. Heh .) And the last weekend of our vacation is the annual motorcycle rally at our house. So it should be a week of river relaxing, bookended with motorcycle camping. Sounds pretty good to me.

(Here’s a shot of last years rally. Looks like fun, huh?)

Now will somebody make me a gin and tonic?


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  1. That sounds so awesome. Sometimes going away for vacation is more stressful than just chilling out at home. I don’t even have a nice river to hang out at, but I will often take a week off in the summer just to hang around home. It’s very relaxing.


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