Hoping the Shock Might Induce Labor

I’m only posting these photos because Amanda asked specifically if the picures would end up on the “Inter Net”.

We had a small last-minute pre-birth excessively-hyphenated get-together last night at Agave in Hartford. Amanda (pictured here) is on the verge of birth and still manages to look cute, how does she do that?

We had a nice time with Jen and (of course) Amanda:

And me and Beth:

And our friends, freshly-made corn chips:

Yes, way too many of those. Megan was there, too, but she showed up late after the picture-taking was over. It was a fun night, great to see everyone, and great to drink Mojitos, eat guacamole, and catch up on girly talk. And Amanda was even nice enough not to break her water in my new car on the ride back to get her car. It was a perfect evening.


  1. Holy crap, I’m huge! I mean, I feel huge, but to see it in a picture like that! Dang! Also, I must stop pulling hair back all the time. It’s not that flattering. I had a great time last night, especially eating all of the chips!


  2. That was fun! But, let’s be honest Lisa – those mojitos couldn’t stand a chance next to yours! You are the queen of mojitos.


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