Dogapalooza Comes to a Close

It’s been a fun two weeks. It’s been hairy and hot and fun and dirty and slobberey and we all had a great time. But, alas, Bentley and Peanut are going home today. We will miss them. The one thing I won’t miss about them is the HAIR! Man, those buggers can shed! We’re so spoiled by the fact that Molly doesn’t shed. Every day there was dog fur tumbleweed in the hallway and in the corners and on the couch and EVERYWHERE! The hair, and the noseprints on the floor. That’s about all I won’t miss. The two hairy ones will leave tonight, I will sweep and mop, and then Molly and I will sit on the couch and feel like there’s something missing. Two somethings. I really think that Molly has a great time when they’re over, too. She plays with Peanut in the yard, she teases Bentley into chasing her, they all wander around the yard together like a pack. I think she’s going to feel lonely, too. Maybe we’ll have to find a little brother for her. Hmm… maybe. Do they make a non-shedding greyhound?


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