Special P

Although Bentley is definitely the first greyhound I ever fell in love with, Peanut comes in a close second. She’s goofy and playful and snuggly. She acts like a regular puppy, not a 5-year old former racing dog. Bentley is lovable but keeps his distance – Peanut would crawl into your lap if given the chance. Bentley insists on laying on a rug or the giant, thick bed they share (and who could blame him with that bony body of his) – Peanut will sleep anywhere. Including in Aimee’s bed which is not quite big enough, but don’t tell her, she thinks it’s just fine.

When Paula dropped the pups off last week she apologized in advance, saying that both dogs, and especially Peanut, are horribly afraid of not only thunderstorms, but fireworks, too. So happy 4th of July. After a mild storm on Saturday night, we woke up to find that Peanut had put herself in the bedroom closet. The doors were open and we had just changed the sheets so there was a heap of soft sheets on the floor. She pawed at them until they were spread out and settled herself in there, safe and snug. Sunday afternoon I found her sleeping in there again (no, we still hadn’t done laundry and yes, the sheets were still on the floor, thanks for pointing that out). Sunday night the neighbors were shooting off fireworks and both dogs were acting anxious. Bentley was panting and just wanted to be near me, but Peanut was pacing and panting and looking scared. Luke was already sleeping in the bedroom with the door shut so Miss P couldn’t go hide in the closet. I put a blanket down on the floor of our coat closet and she looked so relieved. I think she would have hugged me if she could. She tucked herself in the closet and slept there for about seven hours. She looked so comfy that I left her there when I went to bed and she stayed put until about 3am when she came into the bedroom to sleep with us.

Last night I closed the hall closet doors and Peanut looked insulted. I started to think that maybe I was starting a habit that Paula wasn’t going to like. Paula has far too many pairs of shoes in her closet to even think of making room for a leggy greyhound on the floor, so Peanut slept out in the open like the rest of us non-closet dwellers. This morning though, she was driving me crazy. She was pacing up and down the hall whining. I tried to let her out to pee but she just came right back in and continued pacing and whining. I finally decided to open the hall closet doors again to see if that was what she wanted and apparently it was. She jumped right in and settled down, looking happy and triumphant. Sorry Paula. Your dog’s in the closet and I think she’s pretty happy there.



  1. Awwwww. Puppy in the closet! Reminds me of when my aunt’s maltese would sleep under her bed all the time.

    The picture of Peanut in Aimee’s bed is priceless, though.


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