Yes, I got it. Luke tried to stop me from going out to the Sprint store yesterday, claiming that it was against his religion to go the the Manchester mall area on a Sunday, but I persisted. Unfortunately, they were low on stock of just about everything – Luke wasn’t able to get his new phone and the only choice I had for my Treo was blue. That’s all right, I really liked them both and the blue is sort of a purpley-blue.

I was so excited to have it, I immediately went online in the car on the way home to see how it was. I went home to install the software and sync it with my computer and add my critical programs like SplashID and SplashMoney. Three frustrating hours later…

There was an issue with the new 2007 Palm software conflicting with my old 2003 Palm software and keeping me from being able to sync it. Not only that, but it kept locking up. I was furious. I was trying to be calm, knowing that it was a new phone and that I’m sure all of the problems were my fault, not the phone’s, but still, I was pissed. I finally gave up after uninstalling and reinstalling the software and tried the Live Chat feature from the Palm website. I’ve had some bad luck with these live chat things before, but Victor, my Palm guru, was a big help. It took about an hour to type… wait… try something… type… wait… but it was all worth it. Victor got me unstuck and now my new Treo works like a charm.

I’m not entirely sure I’ll use the email and internet features, but just for fun I signed up for the data plan this month. I was able to check my email down by the river, and I went on IMDB from my couch while watching National Treasure to see who one of the stars was. It’s handy, but I’m not sure if it’s worth $15 a month. We’ll see. So now I’m organized, my brain is at peace and I have thrown out that ugly paper calendar I’ve been carrying around. All is right with the world again.


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  1. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one checking IMDB while watching a movie…it drives Jason crazy, but I can’t keep watching until I can figure out what movie I saw “that person” in before…


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