Can’t Hardly Wait


It’s been a long time coming.  Six weeks ago, 46 days, to be exact, my PDA died and I’ve been waiting for July 1 to hurry up an get here so I could upgrade my phone to the new Treo 755p.  As of Sunday I will be eligible for the phone upgrade credit that should make this baby a bit more affordable.  I cannot wait.  We will be there when the Sprint store opens at 11am.

I’ve said this before and everyone thinks I’m exaggerating, but my PDA was my external brain.  I kept everything in there – phone numbers, appointments, birthdays, passwords, my check register – everything.  It was a great system, life was humming along all organized and simplified, and BAM!  She dies on me.  Since that dark day, six weeks ago, I have missed an appointment, showed up late for another, probably forgotten somebody’s birthday (sorry), not had anyone’s phone number when I needed it, been locked out of three different websites for not knowing my password and guessing wrong too many times, and bounced a check for the first time in my life.  It’s been hard!  But not for much longer.  Two more days… I think I can make it.  Now my only decision to make is – blue or burgundy?



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