Dogapalooza Day 1

Because I am the #1 world’s greatest dog-sitter EVER, and also because I don’t have any vacation plans this summer, I am lucky enough this week to be dog-sitting not only my two favorite greyhounds, Bentley and Peanut, but also my mom’s dumb-as-rocks dog, Aimee. I’ve been calling it Dogapalooza but that seems dated. Should I call it Doggaroo? Dogstock ’07? Either way, it’s a nonstop party. See how crazy it gets:

Wow, makes me tired just looking at her. This is Molly’s station, no more than two feet away from me at all times. Especially in the kitchen. Aimee has no clue, and Bentley and Peanut have no interest in carrots or zucchini, but Molly insists on guarding the kitchen area so that she will be the only one to receive the veggies I toss to her as I cook.

Here’s Aimee, trying to figure out where she is and how she got here. Aimee is cute, she looks like a sheep, and she’s sweet, but she’s got this stoned, vacant look in her eyes all the time and it looks like she has no clue what’s going on. If you’ve ever seen the character Towlie on South Park, that’s Aimee. To be honest, I’m not sure she even noticed that Bentley and Peanut showed up last night.

And here are the real troublemakers, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Look at how rowdy they are. Please disregard the miscellaneous clutter and, for some reason, Luke’s pants hanging over a chair. It was hot yesterday. Too hot for cleaning up and apparently too hot for pants.

And speaking of pants, it occurred to me with four hot dogs in the hot house, that Molly does not pant. I don’t know why. She’ll breathe heavily for maybe a minute, then flop down on the cool ground and that’s it. The other three are nonstop panting machines and I felt so bad for Bents last night that I dug out a fan to blow on him after two straight hours of panting. (Paula’s rolling her eyes right now because she thinks I spoil them, and I do.)

Now everyone wish Paula and Karlo a big bon voyage as they leave today for an amazing trip to Croatia. I’m so jealous, I think I might just teach Bentley and Peanut the joys of sleeping on the couch while they’re gone just to spite them.



  1. Holy cow, I laughed so much my cheeks hurt! And I vote for Dogstock -07

    You are THE BEST!

    Please don’t spoil them too much.



    I like when Paula and Karlo go away because then you give them dog status updates via your blog so everyone can enjoy. In fact, I think they need daily updates.


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