Off to Rhinebeck

My summer wouldn’t be complete without spending some quality time in the outdoors with a bunch of men (and some very cool women) with a passion for motorcycles and a questionable policy on showering.  Tomorrow, Luke and I are headed to Rhinebeck, NY to the “Airheads at the Aerodome” rally.  The “Airheads” part relates to the older model BMW bike and the “Aerodome” relates to the airport nearby.  It’s mostly a BMW campout but they accept all types and so we’re going on our Buells for two nights of camping and three days of beautiful weather, winding roads and great riding.  There’s an air show on Saturday, too, that should be pretty cool.  I’m looking forward to the whole trip sine Luke and I haven’t gone anywhere or taken any really nice rides yet this summer.

While we’re gone, we asked Luke’s cousin’s 16 year-old son, Nick, to stay at our house and watch Molly and the fish, oh, and the cat, too.  I always forget we have a cat.   My parents are going to be in Maine, and had asked us to watch their dog, Aimee, so she’ll be there at our house this weekend, too.  I don’t know if Nick knows what he’s in for.  Molly’s bad enough, insisting on sitting on either a lap or a pillow at all times and spoiled enough to know that its better to sleep in bed under the covers, but Aimee’s worse.  Aimee is like velcro. Very sweet, dopey-looking velcro.  All she wants to do is snuggle.  All the time.  And be pet, constantly.  It should be interesting.

So stay tuned for some beautiful new motorcycle pictures.  It looks like it’s going to be a perfect weekend!

Oh, and remember that cake from yesterday?  It was AMAZING.  Yes, I’m bragging about something I made, but if you tasted it, you’d agree.  It really was like a big devil dog and I used up all the self-control I had not to have seconds and thirds.  It was worth every last bit of the effort, and the chocolate chopping, and candy thermometer attending, and the egg white beating… man, it was good.



  1. I’m still upset about the house/dog sitting. uuuuugh!!!!!!

    Have a GREAT and SAFE trip. We’ll be thinking about you. And you did motivate me to get my bike registered. Maybe tomorrow. You think we will actually ride together this summer??


  2. Ooh, Rhinebeck is beautiful…I grew up around there. I also spent every summer in the 4-H building at the Fair Grounds there during the Dutchess County Fair. Give Rhinebeck a wave for me!


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