Guess What?

It’s somebody’s birthday today. She’s related to me, she’s older than me but she’s shorter than me, she’s my mom’s favorite because she provided grandchildren and I didn’t… Any guesses? That’s right! Today is my sister’s birthday!! Happy birthday Andrea! She doesn’t read blogs, not even this one, but I wanted to send her a cyber happy birthday wish anyhow.

Up above there is the cake I made for her last night from this Dorie Greenspan cookbook I recently got and highly recommend. It’s the recipe on the cover, although on the recipe page inside she tells you to smoosh the cake crumbs all over it and not leave that nice white top like on the cover. I can’t remember what she called it, but I told my mom yesterday it looked like a devil dog married a cake. After making (and tasting it) I now think it’s more like an oreo fell in love with a marshmallow. Three layers of moist devil’s food cake with chocolate bits inside layered with vanilla marshmallow frosting and covered with a coating of cake crumbles. Mmm… I can’t wait to cut into it.

But enough about the cake – yay Andrea and happy happy birthday to you!



  1. I want to stuff my face into my computer screen and eat that cake.

    Can you tell I’m on a limited sugar diet?


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