I Almost Forgot!

With all the whining about my birthday and the patting myself on the back, I forgot to mention my my deepening love for Zenni Optical. (Thanks again Flann for the recommendation!)

Did you notice? I got new glasses and new sunglasses. Two pairs: one rimless with anti-reflective coating, one plastic frame sunglasses, plus shipping, all for $59. Not too bad.

I was going to post pictures of them but all of the shots all have my face in them (imagine that) and I’m just so sick of me that I couldn’t do it. Here, if you can stand to look at my mug, go here and here and see. My glasses are just like Jamie’s from Mythbusters, so light and comfy, and my sunglasses (since the picture of them is black and white) are navy and light blue and so awesome I want to wear them all the time.

If you wear glasses, do yourself a favor and spend an hour and $30 on Zenni’s website and buy yourself some optical fun times. The glasses are all great quality, the frames are solid, and the prescription is perfect. Shipping is fast and you even get hard cases with every pair. Go now – have fun!


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