Birthday De Lux

Apparently it’s been way too long since I went to the movies. Luke got home from work yesterday and decided to beat my birthday blues by taking me to lunch and a movie. I love the movies and he hates to go so we almost never get to see a movie on the big screen. I can’t even remember the last movie we saw in the theater. Was it Departed, last winter? Yes, I think so.

Well in the six months since I’ve been to the Showcase Cinemas in Manchester, changes have been taking place. Did you know, for instance, that there’s a bar in the lobby? No kidding, but that’s not the only strange new thing. For an additional $3 per ticket, you have the option to watch a movie in the “Director’s Hall”. Moviegoers in the Director’s Hall (or “DH” to those in the know) get their tickets in a special little folder with “Cinema De Lux” printed on the front and containing of all things, a wet-nap and a menu of items that your server will happily bring to you while you lounge in your roomier “leather” high-back viewing chair. Sound intriguing? We thought so, too.

It just happened that when we got to the Showcase, the only movie starting in less than an hour was Shrek the Third in the DH. Since we were getting the “bargain price” ($6.75) for seeing a movie before 6pm, we figured another $3 per ticket wouldn’t hurt. We walked past not one, but two concession stands on the way to the DH with high hopes of the leather chairs and the servers. Ahem. Seating is assigned in the DH, so our usher led us to our seats (oh, by the way, there were five people including us in the theater for this 1:00 viewing of Shrek.)

Well, the “leather” chairs were big, black, rubbery chairs and I think they were roomier, but I couldn’t quite tell.  they were firm, that I can say, my butt fell asleep.  I think my motorcycle seat is softer.  We took out our menu and saw that we had the choice of $8 popcorn, $10 pizza, hot dogs, or mozzarella sticks.  Wow, some menu.  Oh, and you’re supposed to tip your server.  We walked past the concession stand and could have picked up our own damn $8 popcorn without the tip, but since we were in the DH and it was my birthday and all, we acted like royalty and had our bag o’ popcorn and bucket o’ Cherry Pepsi delivered to us.  It was interesting.   I can’t imagine what it’s like when the theater is full, I assume they have bunches of servers.  I don’t know why people would WANT to pay someone to bring them their popcorn when it’s not like they need to save their seats – the seats are assigned – and you walk past two concession stands – one was just outside the door to the DH.  De Lux, I’m not sure, but different, definitely.  Perfect for my birthday.

Oh, and Shrek?  Eh… it was alright.  Not the laugh-out-loud riot I was hoping for.  But hey – I got to go to the movies!  And have popcorn DELIVERED!  It was a special day after all.



  1. That’s cute. 🙂

    I know I would pay someone to take my half-full bag of popcorn during the movie and squirt some more fake butter on it.


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