Been Busy

I’m pooped. It’s been a great long weekend and I’m so glad I have tomorrow off, too. Saturday, what seems to be our new favorite routine, Kim and Keith came over to ride motorcycles. Our friend Chris from Ohio was up visiting, too, and we taught him how to ride. (Don’t tell his wife or kids.) Here’s our favorite video of the new biker. It starts out with me and Chris ready to race but I stalled the bike after laughing at Chris running down my garden. It ends with Kim’s voice saying “can someone get him off my new dirtbike?” Awesome. You’ll see why when you watch it.

Sunday we had some more friends over for what we like to call Guitar Night. Chris is a great musician and has a James Taylor-like singing voice and it’s always fun to hear him play. Our friend Roland is also a great guitar player and singer and the two of them together could start a little act playing in pubs and backyards everywhere. There are pictures on Flickr if you want to see, click here for the evidence.

Today we cleaned up from Guitar Night and then went to my mom’s for my birthday dinner – Mexican food from Moe’s and a delicious three-layer cake that my sister made. Of course I forgot my camera so I can’t show you everything, but trust me, it was fun. My mom and sister even teamed up to get me a ticket to go with them and see Wicked at The Bushnell this December! Yay!! I may be the last person left who hasn’t seen it so I’m pretty psyched.

Tomorrow’s my actual birthday and I’m taking the day off from work to rest, you know, cause I’m a year closer to being old now. And not to be all melodramatic, but I’m not really looking forward to my birthday. I’m just not excited about them anymore. It’s been a few years now that I kind of wish I didn’t have birthdays. What makes me sad is that I can’t remember why I used to be so excited about my birthdays. I used to wear a badge that said “Today Is My Birthday” and I used to try to make it such a great day. Not anymore, though and I don’t know why. Now I feel bad that people are buying me stuff and going out of their way for me. What’s wrong with me? I ran out of festivity somewhere along the way. But anyway, I have tomorrow off and it’s going to be another beautiful day. Luke has to work and will probably sleep all day because he didn’t sleep enough today before going to work, but I’ll still be able to work in my garden and soak in the sunshine.  Speaking of my garden, my irises are blooming.  I’m so excited.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.  And I have some more bragging about my new sewing abilities to do.  Wait until you see!  you’ll be so proud.


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