My Friend Jack

How cool is this?   This is a beautiful and strange plant called Jack-in-the-Pulpit.  I’m strangely happy each spring when I see these weird little plants pop up in the woods of our property.  I had been told that they were rare in our area, but I think that whoever told me was just lazy because if you look hard enough, you’ll see them all over.  From the top they look like this:

Not all that exciting or remarkable.   But if you get down and peek underneath, you see this:

And then you peek under that flap and see this:

Isn’t that beautiful?  In early spring, the flower, or “pulpit” is all green with darker green stripes.  As the flowers mature they turn reddish purple.  In the fall when the pulpit dies off and leaves poor “Jack” standing there all by himself, Jack turns into a beautiful cluster of bright red berries.  I just love these things.  They’re like little surprises hiding in the weeds.

Can you tell I finally got some sleep last night?  I’m practically writing poetry about woodland weeds.  I took a nap and went to bed early and slept all night long and felt so good this morning that Molly and I went for a walk down by the river where I took these pictures.  Ahh… sleep and weeds, two things I love.

2 thoughts on “My Friend Jack

  1. Of course I finally grow a 1/2″ tall little plant (see blog for details) and you are growing one of Earth’s rarest plants in your backyard. Of course!!

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