I blame the Internet. Or the blogosphere, whatever you want to call it. So many of the blogs I read and love are written by very handy women who can and do sew. They make it look so easy and their photos are so inspiring that I was determined to dust off my sewing machine and give it another go.

It started like this:

Pretty fabric, isn’t it? It’s sort of canvasy and thick. It’s lovely. I had a bag in mind that I wanted, as my sister pointed out, I pretty much wanted a diaper bag with the pockets on the inside. So I made up the pattern in my head, cut the pieces, and off I went. One movie, (The Holiday – very cute), and another hour and a half later, these fabric pieces became… a BAG!

Can you believe it? I really can’t. It’s especially amazing to me that the handle hasn’t fallen off or something else hasn’t gone wrong. It’s perfect! Here’s a shot of the inside with the pockets for my water bottles and stuff.

So are you impressed? Sorry about the harsh look of these photos, it was about 1:00am when I took the pictures and the lighting at that time of the morning isn’t the best for photographing a dark brown bag. This prototype worked out so well that I think I might make it again a bit wider and put some sturdy interfacing between the layers so it holds it’s shape. Might as well do something since I’m not sleeping, right?



  1. I still can’t believe you. You make me sick. I used to sew all the time and I can’t even imagine doing that. And you made the pattern in your head?!? Now you are just plain showing off. But, did I mention how THRILLED I am about my adorable little camera bag??? Can’t wait to see it in person.


  2. Gorgeous! I should take up more crafty pursuits. I have very specific needs for things like purses and I can never find anything that exactly suits my needs. This is a good solution. 🙂


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