I’m so tired. My bones are tired. My hair is tired. My skin feels like it’s vibrating and it could be that I really need to lay down, or it could be the massive caffeine intake to compensate for the tiredness. So much tiredness.

This month has been so busy and in the last two weeks there has been a party at my house every weekend, one more coming up this weekend, and all that on, at most, 6 hours of sleep each night. Luke’s 3rd shift schedule is cutting into my good night’s sleep, leaving me wide awake and reading in bed at 11:30 when he leaves for work. 6:30 comes waaay too early for me.

On the upside, I’ve been watching movies and sewing (yes, you read that right – sewing!) to keep myself awake in the evenings when Luke is sleeping. I had planned to show you what I’ve been making, but as I may have I already mentioned, my recent lack of sleep and the lovely side effect, tiredness is affecting my rememberability. I forgot to bring the memory card that has the pictures of the bag I made on it with me today. Tomorrow, I promise.

So forgive me for my whineyness and my less than creative writing. I’ll get some sleep in June and I promise it’ll get better.



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