I started off my stellar week by locking myself out of my office this morning.  No wait, actually, I started my week by stepping out of my house and dropping those little Hoya Bella cuttings which I had potted to give to my boss as a mother’s day gift onto my foot.  Oh, by the way, they were in a terracotta pot with glass marbles on the top to make them pretty.  And heavy.  Ouch.

I hobbled across campus to my office where I rifled frantically through my purse only to come to the realization that I had locked my keys inside the gallery on Friday afternoon.  Ug.  Rather than limp across campus to Public Safety, I borrowed a phone and called and was rescued minutes later by a nice PS officer with a really big keyring.  And she didn’t even call me a dope.

Here’s hoping that the rest of the week is less calamity-filled.


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