Back to the Dark Ages

It’s official.  My external brain, my life organizer, my PDA, she is dead.

I had been getting the occasional “Fatal Error” message that told me death was imminent, but I deleted all unnecessary programs and photos and it seemed to be doing much better.  Then tonight at Stop & Shop, I went to use Splash Money to record my check for groceries and I found that my PDA had been completely wiped clean.  It was back to the “Welcome to your new Palm device” intro and the date was January 2003.  Ug.

I’m going to get the new Treo 755p and finally combine a few of the devices in my purse, but if I want to save myself almost $300, Sprint says that I have to wait until July 1st when I’m eligible for a new phone.  That means a month and a half without my PDA.  Without my calendar!  Now I actually have to write stuff down!  It’s going to be a long wait.



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