Hoya Bella (or is it Bella Hoya?)

hoya sillhouette

OK, a quick search tells me that it is, in fact, Hoya Bella. Although I always want to fancy it up and spell it Jolla Bella. Anyhow, this is my lovely Hoya Bella plant. It’s a beautiful and strange hanging plant with little oval leaves that blooms periodically into these amazing upside down flower clusters. So pretty.

Hoya Bella blossom

I got my plant clippings from my sister who got her clippings from a client who said she had her plant for something like 30 years. The Hoyas need occasional haircuts otherwise their vines get so long that they break, and when you cut them they “bleed” white sticky sap. The cuttings root really easily so this plant has been passed on to many friends and relatives. I even gave some cuttings back to my sister when her plant wasn’t doing so well. I now have a pitcher full of rooted clippings and my Hoya needs another haircut. Better look for someone to pass them on to. Anyone interested?

UPDATE May 2010:

Thank you to everyone who has commented and emailed asking for clippings and/or advice on growing Hoyas. I’m afraid that I’m out of clippings and won’t be sending out any more, and unfortunately I am not an expert, but rather a very lazy gardener. If you want to grow a Hoya like mine, follow these easy steps: 1. Leave your Hoya in a sunny window and forget to water it for weeks at a time.  2. Give it a good soaking now and then (when you can remember). And, 3. Ignore it. I think it likes it when you play hard to get.  Fuss over it too much and it won’t bloom, ignore it and it practically throws flowers at you from across the room.  Happy Hoya-growing!


  1. I have been looking for this Hoya Bella for a few years .I now have a few cuttings but they don’t seem to want to root; do you have any tid bits on how to boost them up. I have had them in water for 2 weeks now. thank you . Barbara.


    1. I was given a Hoya Bella 10 years ago and was told that you can root them in water or you can plant them right into moist soil. I planted mine into moist soil as mine were really not rooting in water. I now have a full hanging plant of Hoya Bella. I hope this will work for you.


  2. Help…my daughter’s parakeet munched on the leaves and then the plant got a yucky white fungus. I would sure like to start over, as I miss the beauty of my Hoya Bella. Does anybody know where I can purchase a plant?…besides e-bay? Thanks


    1. I have a white fungus(sort of) on my just started hoya Bella cuttings, which a friend gave me.rubbing it off will not help.


  3. I LOVE this plant. I had one when I lived in Newfoundland and had to leave it behind. I have been the last 5 years since I relocated looking for this plant and can’t find it anywhere. I would love to have your clippings!!!!
    I would give anything to be able to find that plant again 🙂


    1. I have 3 huge plant’s That came from Norway in 1967. They are cuttings from each other. I have never cut them back. I love them long. I water them once a week. And NEVER fertilize them. They hang in three different windows on the south side of my home. They never stop blooming. Mine are white with purple center fliwers.


  4. I had this plant some years ago and want one again. How can I get a clipping? The flowers are so sweet, I couldn’t believe it the first time it bloomed. I got my clipping from a lady in Spokane, Wa. and soon I had a nice plant.


    1. how do you get it to blume? I have had one that I started from a clipping 20 years ago from my Grandma (God rest her soul)and it has NEVER blumed, ug!


      1. Don’t cut it. Don’t fertilize it. Just water like once a week. South window. Mine won’t stop blooming. Good luck…

  5. I have this plant! It was my mom’s favorite, I have wanted to repot it into a new pot as it hasn’t been re-potted in 6 years but i’m scared I’m going to kill it, which would be absolutely devastating……any advice?


    1. I have repotted mine, they like it root bound in smaller pot. So I rooted more and put them all around the new dirt of the newly potted one. Now it’s big.. if I knew how, I would send you some.


  6. Hi Amanda…don’t worry about repotting your hoya bella. They’re tough plants. I’m after dropping mine a few times and I just shove it back in the pot and it seems to grow better. Re-pott it to a slightly larger pot. These plants like neglect. I’ve had mine for 30 years now.


  7. My neighbor had one I successfully rooted after two prior tries (same issues with getting it to root in soil and/or moist soil here in Florida), I purchased Jiffy’s seed starting kits with the seed starter soil — after I put the third cutting in there it went CRAZY! It is taking off like a charm and seems to like damp soil with morning sun (very limited sun on my East-facing screen porch). My neighbor’s original plant is in a hanging pot on her East-facing porch as well. I hope that helps! =)


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