Scar Tissue

So vanity project 2007 is still in full swing.  Multiple haircuts, check.  New glasses, check.  Expensive moisturizer, check.  Fake tanning, check.  What’s next you ask?  Mederma.

Now I happen to love scars, really  I do.  I think they’re neat, they’re little stories of the battles you’ve been through.  I have a scar on the top of my foot from when I dropped hot solder on myself while wearing nylons.  It looks like a drip down the side of my foot.  I think that’s pretty cool.  I have scars on my shins from the time I fell down the stairs in the parking garage at my old job while carrying wedding shower presents in for a co-worker.  I was so concerned with not breaking the new blender I had wrapped in my bag that I ignored the possibility of breaking, oh, say, MY HEAD.  Now that’s a fun story to tell when someone asks, what the heck happened to your legs??  And then there are other scars.  The ugly, annoying ones.

This winter I was making polenta when a yellow lava explosion from the pan dropped scalding cornmeal onto the back of my hand.  I had a nasty burn and I now have a dark spot on the back of my right hand that annoys me every time I look down at the keyboard as I’m typing.  It’s ugly and I don’t like it.  I also have some freckly patches and other scars that I’m not entirely fond of, so I decided to suck it up and spend the insane $20 for a small tube of liquid magic otherwise known as Mederma.

Applied two to three times daily for eight weeks, Mederma is supposed to substantially lighten and even remove the appearance of scars.  I have high hopes.  The weird thing is that one of the main ingredients is onion bulb extract.  Interesting.  I’ll spare you the “before and after” photographs of my scars, but I’ll let you know if it actually works.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.


One Comment

  1. You will have to keep me updated regarding this matter, considering I have a scar that, while funny, could use to stand in the shadows. That’s all I’m saying.


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