So last week you saw how we spend our days off in pictures, this week you get it in videos. The Draghi duo came over again on Saturday and more big people on little bikes fun was had. My parents also came over with some friends and unfortunately I left the video of my dad riding Luke’s dirtbike at home on my computer, so that one will have to wait for tomorrow. The rest thought, can be enjoyed courtesy of YouTube.

Here’s a badass video of Keith.

Here’s Luke’s perfected minibike wheelie.

Then one of the big bikes came out and the motocross gear was put on.

Here’s Luke trying to become a single man again.

And Luke trying to thank Keith for his help by covering him in swamp mud.

And then, to top off the evening, Luke, Kim and Keith decided to take the Jeeps out back and get stuck. Well one of them got stuck.

Here’s the video after Luke was unstuck, coming back out over the mud hole.

By the way, this Jeep is for sale. Anyone looking to buy a Jeep? Luke promises to wash the mud off for you.

And here are two pictures of the three ladies who didn’t make it onto video. One of Maisie, cause she’s cute, and one of me and Molly riding the XR. She won’t let me take off on it without jumping at me so she can go for a ride.


me and molly


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