Who is this Amy Butler?

I’m a wannabe seamstress at heart with absolutely zero patience for following patterns or cutting things in order to be “exact”. Yuck, whatever.

Lately I’ve had this urge for a new bag. A big bag that I can carry my two water bottles, book, and yogurt in for lunch everyday, and since I know I shouldn’t bother trying to make myself one, I’ve been shopping around on Etsy. And what have I discovered? I love Amy Butler. Whoever she is. She makes the most fantastic funky fabric and everything made with is gives me this urgent I NEED TO BUY IT feeling. Seriously.

Look at this (from thefunkybaglady):

And this (from feltsewwhimsical):

And THIS! Who can I con into making me that Weekender Travel Bag? Wait a minute, something just occurred to me… I think I might own some Amy Butler fabric. Look at this. Karen, is it true?



  1. I so understand the need to freely create! You must be really good at cutting fabric is all I have to say!
    Love the bags!


  2. Amy Butler fabric has that effect on me too… your bag is actually made from Michael Miller fabric (another huge favorite of mine). He has a bit of a more “retro” look and hers is a bit more “yoga meets April Cornell”. I have made a bunch of my bags with her fabric though and am currently working on….wait….totes for my June show.


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