Self Portrait with Large Ego

I’ve been trying to take pictures of myself for a few weeks now. It’s a little embarrassing. I hand someone my camera so they can see some of the pictures I’ve taken recently and half of them are of me. Since I switched over to WordPress, I wanted to put a picture of myself on the About Me page. I like it when other bloggers put pictures of themselves on their websites so I wanted to have one, too.

Hello My Name is Heather has a gorgeous picture of herself. Of course she’s gorgeous to begin with, so that helps. Pamie’s picture is so cute, but again, she’s cute from the start. The Go Fug Yourself girls have a nice way of avoiding my self portrait dilemma. Dooce always has interesting pictures of herself, Pound has a nice shot of herself (in a bathroom?), and even Smitten Kitchen has a cute way of handling her picture. And then there’s me. And my big forehead. And my crooked mouth. And, (noticed with the most recent photos), my eye wrinkles! Ug. Too much.

So, without further ado, what I like to call “Too Much of Me”.

UPDATE: I got so sick of looking at that collage of me that I deleted it.  Ick.  Too sentemental or something.  Now there’s a bunch of photos up there that make up my life and essentially who I am.  Much better.  Luke, Molly and Andrea are much more photogenic anyway.


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