My Weekend in Pictures

momkim glaringkeithboys on bikesgg sign

gg cake

kayackkayack molly

Friday: My smarty-pants mom was inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame, oops, I mean the Honor Society of Nursing. No secret handshake required.

Saturday: I went for a nice solo ride on the Cyclone. Of course there are no pictures because I am destined to never have my picture taken while riding a motorcycle. Then Keith and Kim came over to ride little dirtbikes and act like fools with us.

Sunday: We celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday (go GG!) and then Luke, Roland and Molly went for a kayack ride while I rode along the river on Kim’s dirtbike to take pictures.

It was quite a weekend. Molly’s still sleeping it off, Luke’s still picking dirt out of his ear from a short flight off the dirt bike, we both have sore right legs from all the kickstarting, Luke’s all bruised, and I have a nasty blood blister. It was awesome.



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