My Babies



Want to see my new garden bed? I know you do. Here it is. Above is a baby Lupine. I love those flowers. They’re a little persnickety. They grow well in the wild in ditches alongside the road in New Hampshire, but I can’t seem to get them to grow in my gardens. Below is a shot of the whole bed. I’m still working in filling it up. This used to be a bare patch in the yard. Well, the whole yard is really a bare patch. We’ve been holding off on planting grass until we figure out where the garden beds and the deck are going to be. This one is located over the septic tank. Nice, huh? The lids need to be accessible on occasion so that’s what the slate pieces are for. They’re marking the location of the lids so we can get to them the next time the tank needs to be pumped. But enough about that. Look how pretty it’s going to be.



And this little cutie is the start of my new herb garden. It’s an oregano plant. I also have sage, oregano, rosemary, patchouli, and soon I’ll have thyme and a few other herbs. Ahhh… spring makes me happy.





  1. I love the edging. Where did you find it? And you’re growing that stinky hippie stuff?? I didn’t even know it was a plant!


  2. The edging is actually the artificial stone like you used for your fireplace front. Someone we knew had some extra and asked if we wanted to use it for anything. It was Luke’s clever idea to use it for edging and it worked perfectly!


  3. I have delved into the world of gardening as of this weekend…I posted about it. I will just have to see how it comes out, hopefully you don’t blow me out of the water regarding this activity much the way you have with knitting.


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