At the moment, my job is trying to kill me and I’m doing my best to survive. Since I have no time to write a proper post, I thought I’d just give you a few little snippets.

So work, as I’ve said, is hell. I have to work tomorrow and then the hell should mostly be over.

Molly and I are sort of adjusting to sleeping without Luke at night. She’s going from spreading out on his side of the bed back to attempting to take over whatever space I’m occupying and oftentimes sleeping on top of me. Just like old times.

I finished my book club book from back in January, I think. It was cute, I’ll write about it later. I started a new book that Amanda gave me, then forgot it at work and started one that my mom gave me at home. Both interesting, both completely different.

I started gardening yesterday – yay! I also got a really big allergy sneezy sniffly headache yesterday after gardening – boo! I’m so happy that spring is finally here. It’s definitely spring on campus when the students are barefoot and shirtless (the boys, at least) playing bongoes and frisbee on the lawn in front of my office.

Sunday is Alex’s second birthday. I can’t believe he’s two! Actually, I can’t believe he’s only two. It seems like he’s been around forever. I get to make his birthday cake for the party. I’m going to make the Texas sheet cake recipe I have, which is chocolatey and delicious, and then draw a big Clifford on the top with frosting. Depending on how it comes out, I may or may not show you.

Hopefully there will be some time for a motorcycle ride this weekend. I haven’t been out since December and it’s driving me nuts!

Oh, and sadly, I have to report that I am not a complete convert to Dancing with the Stars. (Sorry mom, sorry Paula.) I watched it again after my post and it was so boring. Everyone did the same thing they did the night before, in the same costumes, and there was a lot of talking about what they did the night before. Zzzzz… I watched about ten minutes, then wandered down the hall to play on the computer. I came back in time to see the awkward basketball player get the boot. How sad, that means that Billy Ray is still dancing. Or rather “dancing”.

Well that’s about it. Nothing interesting, but something, at least. You were probably sick of looking at that pink knitting anyhow. Have a good weekend everyone!

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