One of the recent changes resulting from Luke working third shift is my new ability to watch whatever I want on TV without comments or complaints from the peanut gallery. Luke now falls asleep on the couch around 8 and sleeps until 10:30 when he has to get ready for work. This leaves me to watch decorating shows on HGTV or whatever crap is on E! or even Dancing with the Stars, like I did last night. And to my sister and my mom and Paula – I get it now.

Those ladies have loved Dancing with the Stars from the beginning. My mom and sister even went to see the traveling DwtS when it came to Mohegan Sun this year. Never having seen it because Luke refused to watch it, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Last night I was flipping channels, listening to Luke quietly snore next to me, and I landed on DwtS. Some lady in a purple backless dress was dancing with a man in a see-through shirt – interesting. They were cute and I was trying to guess which one was the star. The man’s name was something strange like Maksim. I think he must be the dancer, but either way, I was suddenly sucked in.

Next came Apolo whatshisname, the Olympic speed skater who looks exactly like a kid I used to go to high school with. He was adorable dancing with the blond girl dressed like a tiger. They were awesome! I couldn’t wait to see who was next and when they flashed a preview of the next dancers before the commercial break, I thought to myself, George Michael is on Dancing with the Stars? But that wasn’t George Michael, that was Billy Ray Cyrus. Yuck! He looked awful and danced like he was made of wood. When he and the poor lady dancing with him got a bad score, he sulked and pouted. I don’t know what the rules are, but I hope that if someone gets voted off, it’s him.

I think it might be on again tonight and I think I might have to watch it again. I still can’t bear to watch American Idol, but I may have just been converted to a DwtS fan. Next thing you know I’ll be watching Survivor!



  1. WHAT? There was a DwTS tour in CT and I didn’t know?!? You just ruined my day. I’m glad you are converted. Now we have one more thing to talk about during the day 🙂


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