I Can’t Liiiiive, If Livin’ is Without You

The two scariest words from my PDA: Fatal Error

The next scariest thing: dead, blank screen (pictured above)

If you know me, you know that I can’t live without my PDA. It is my external brain. The only way I can remember all of my passwords. The place where my banking and loan information is calculated. The place where I play Atari Retro games when I’m bored. The place where way too much information is stored. Remember last summer when I lost it off the back of my motorcycle? That was scary. Well it survived that scare and now: Fatal Error. I keep getting the evil warning. I keep syncing as much as possible so I don’t lose any information.

Last night at the chiropractors, scheduling an appointment in my calendar, I received the dreaded fatal error. This morning turning it on – same thing. Tonight reconciling my bank account, I got the DBS (dead, blank screen). I had to reset it, but I wonder just how many times one can reset their PDA before it loses it’s memory. I’m scared. I guess it’s time to shop the Palm website for a replacement.



  1. Yep, it’s time. Sorry. Same thing happened to me. Too bad you didn’t tell me yesterday. I had not one but TWO PDA phones that I could have given you a good deal on. Just imagine a PDA with a full typable keyboard. OK, stop drooling.


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