Goodbye Website, Hello WordPress!

2007 has definitely been the year of change for me. Out with the old, the wasteful, the cluttered; in with the new, the streamlined, the organized. Caught up in this same whirlwind has been my website. I love having a website, I love designing and creating pages, I want to maintain an online portfolio for prospective clients, but do I really need all that I have? My site right now is mostly links to the other places I am online, like Blogger, and Etsy, and Flickr. And I pay monthly hosting fees for a site I really don’t need.

I had toyed with trying to use my blog to replace my website, but Blogger didn’t have the tools and storage that I needed. I researched Typepad and Live Journal, but they didn’t have what I wanted either, and they were paid services. Then I saw another blogger switch her blog to WordPress. Ah-HA! A new option.

I signed up, I poked and manipulated, I customized, I linked – and I’m happy. WordPress seems to be exactly what I was looking for. For a little while, I’m going to keep my website up while I try out WordPress and make sure that I’m happy with its features. Then, hopefully, I will break the news to my hosting guys and break free of the fees. Yay!

So hello WordPress, I think I love you.


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