Sad News

If you’re Amanda, you might want to stop reading. I know how you hate sad news involving dogs.

Last week was a hard week – with work being crazy and my mother-in-law moving in (more on that later) – and it was made even harder by the news that Sydney had lost her brave battle against cancer and went to the big comfy couch in the sky.

This painting above is of the beautiful Miss Sydney. I had an assignment on college where I had to take a famous painting with people in it and put animal heads on the figures. Sydney was featured in several of my paintings. She even made it onto the cover of a magazine right here.

Sydney was with us for eleven years and experienced so many life changes. She was there when my sister’s apartment caught fire and when she got married and had her babies. She patiently welcomed Molly and Aimee into the dog pack and never minded the new cats that came and went. She bravely accepted losing her front leg and never let it slow her down, but sadly a new cancer developed and she couldn’t fight it any more.

My sister is doing surprisingly well, considering the situation. Her pup is gone, the pup who had been around longer than her two kids, even longer than her husband has been around. I can’t imagine the empty space she must feel in her heart, but Sydney is in a better place now and she’s not in pain any more.

So think happy thoughts everyone, and go hug your puppies right now and be thankful that they’re healthy and there by your side.



  1. sob sob sob. Life is not easy sometimes. I don’t like it! I hate the mere thought of thinking about our pet’s mortality. How much does that cloning stuff cost???


  2. Even though you warned me, I still read it. The important thing is that the pup had a great long life. Still, soooo sad. Especially w/my ranging hormones. Tell your sister to hang in there.


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