Cruel Hartford

Now that I don’t work in Hartford, the only reason I will travel there is to update the chalkboards at Max Downtown. Some days, usually early on a warm, spring morning, I actually miss Hartford. It’s so cute and convenient. The restaurants and shops are so lovely. I could actually understand why people move to cities to live. And then there are mornings like I had today.

I left the house a little later than I wanted, which left me to fight traffic and dodge jerks talking on cell phones as I made my way into the frozen wind tunnel that is Hartford. There were no parking spots on the street. The open spots were filled with frozen snow banks or the meters were inexplicably bagged. I drove around and around and finally found a spot blocks from where I had to go. Then I fed the meter – where a quarter gets you all of 10 minutes – and made my way to Max Downtown. It was so cold and windy, isn’t it supposed to be SPRING today? It was quite a crabby start to my day.

But I did manage to do this:And this:And there’s a Starbucks right next to Max Downtown so at least I had something warm to hold onto on the long trek back to the car.


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