This Scares the Bejesus Out of Me

Dog Food Recall (more info here)

Normally I don’t feel Molly the nasty “chunks in gravy” style dog food, but last week she had a can becasue that’s all that was available at the store. Now I’m watching her for signs of accute renal failure.

Luckily she has an appointment to go to the vet on Wednesday, (shh! don’t tell her), to have a little mole on her lip looked at. Like her mom, she’s starting to grow moles and this one on her lip is getting bigger and scaring me. Maybe I’ll have them draw blood for a kidney test while we’re there, just to be safe.


  1. I’m sure she’s OK, but just keep an eye on her and talk to the vet when you go. I don’t blame you for worrying, but everything will be fine, I promise!


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