The Ever-Evolving Party Above My Shoulders

I did it again. More changes. I really don’t like my hair. I wish I had someone else’s hair. Someone with thick, luxurious long hair. Sadly, I may have been born with a swell craft gene and a brain that can hold onto random bits of trivia and song lyrics, but I definitely wasn’t blessed with hair.

I tried cutting bangs, that didn’t work for me. I tried getting a flat iron and styling it straight. Still not working. I called my sister (my hairdresser) this week and told her that I need an emergency appointment. I want all of my hair cut off.

I had her cut it off about a year ago and although everyone liked it and I pretty much liked it, Luke couldn’t stand it and I was tired of hearing him complain, so I grew it back. I want to be someone with long hair. I’ve always pictured myself as an old lady with long gray braids, but just because I can grow it doesn’t mean I should have it. I was starting to look like a hag with nasty, scraggly hair. But not any longer. This morning I stopped by my sister’s salon for a shearing. It’s all gone. It’s also straight right now because she likes to blow-dry it straight, but I can’t wait to wash it and see how curly it gets.

Now I have bouncy, perky hair. Short and flouncy. Actually, in one picture I took of myself I looked just like Amanda – glasses and all. Maybe secretly I want to be Amanda – except for that pregnancy thing, of course.



  1. It looks adorable!

    I’m the same way. I want long, thick hair but instead I have thin, fine hair that separates when it gets too long, then tangles up in giant knots. I have been SO much happier since I cut my hair, though.


  2. OK, that photo was a tease! I want to see the whole thing!! And just for the record, thick hair is no picnic either. I need to be sheered like a sheep! But I’m a firm believer in short hair 🙂 Love it.


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