Lazy Morning

It occurred to me the other day that I have the pup that every little kid wishes for. She’s cute and soft and loves to snuggle, and at night she climbs under the covers with me and shares my pillow. This photo was taken on Sunday morning by pre-dawn photographer, Luke to document just how badly I spoil my puppy.

Yes, that’s my knee and my elbow, and the hideous – but warm, don’t judge – flannel sheets on our bed and there’s curly Miss Molly snoozing away under the covers. I was snoozing, too, and having a strange dream that I was taking pictures. Then realized that the sound of my camera was coming from outside of the covers.

Molly has always slept in bed with us, but this winter she’s developed a taste for flannel sheets and down comforters. Every night she’ll hop up on the bed and wait for me to lift the covers so she can settle in. If I’m not quick enough, or perhaps, I don’t know, ASLEEP, she’ll stare at me and growl ever so slightly under her breath until I lift the blankets. If I’m laying at the edge of the mattress where she likes to sleep, she’ll sit on the floor next to the bed and quietly woof up at me to let me know to get the heck out of her spot. I should be annoyed at how my 20-lb mutt is controlling her share of our bed, but it’s just so funny. And have you ever had a warm puppy snuggle up next to you under the covers on a cold night? It’s worth the trouble.


One Comment

  1. You think Molly takes up a lot of bed – you should see how much bed Junior and Jimmy – a combined 160 lbs – take up! And you’d think they’d have respect for my ever-expanding gut, but nooooo….


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