My Yaris: Week 1

It’s been a whole week since I brought home my new car and I’ve managed not to gush about it here each and every day (you’re welcome). Since today marks one week since she became mine, I thought I’d give you the highlights. In case you’re on the fence about getting a Yaris of your own (Paula) perhaps this will sway you.

I’ve decided to name her Bernie – I’ll explain that another day.

I love:
The cup holders – seriously – they’re sturdy and secure and EVERYWHERE.
How fast she heats up on a cold morning.
The funky weird dashboard.
The three glove boxes.
How peppy she is.
The secret storage compartment in the back.
The comfy seats.
The plug for my iPod.
The scene last weekend loading a new 55-gallon aquarium into the back (it fit!)
The gas mileage! (First fill-up: 35mpg)

I’m still getting used to:
The light-sensing headlights. They turn themselves on which makes me forget to manually turn them on all the way. It’s spooky that she knows when it’s dark out.

I don’t love:
The sensor that knows when someone is sitting on the passenger seat and then turns on the dinger to remind the passenger to put her seat belt on. I’ve tried, Molly flat-out refuses to wear her seat belt. I have to latch the seat belt across the seat when she rides with me, otherwise I hear 60 seconds of ding, ding, ding… every time the car starts up.

I tried to find other things I don’t like but there just aren’t any. She’s fantastic and I still can’t believe she’s mine.



  1. Yay, I’m so glad you’re having fun. You’ll have to tell me why you’re getting a fish tank, tho…


  2. It sounds so cool! That seatbelt thing is annoying, though. When I run to the grocery store alone, I usually just load bags in the passenger seat. My bread and cheese do not need to be belted in.

    I can’t imagine Molly, or any dog, being too thrilled to be seatbelted in.


  3. OK sold! As soon as we are done with the move, we’re gettin’ one. My car has the same air bag sensor so I’m used to it. And the greyhounds are too big for the front seat anyway. Thanks for the review!


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