Lazy No More, Well Maybe…

Most weekday mornings throughout the year, Molly and I crawl out of bed an hour before Luke to go for a little morning walk. It’s good for the pup, and good for the one who sits at the computer all day. We walk in the rain, we walk in the cold, we go every day. That is, until about mid-December. By then, the holiday exhaustion, freezing cold, and serous lack of daylight turn Molly and me into late sleepers.

We slack off from mid-December through January, and then in February we usually resume our schedule, thanks in part to the sun actually beginning to rise before we do. I really can’t stand getting up in the dark, getting dressed in the dark, bundling up in my coat, putting Molly in her coat, putting on my reflecting vest, putting on Molly’s reflective vest… it’s just too much. So in February, when the sun is up by 6:30am or so, we usually get back on our schedule.

February 1st we got up at 6, bundled up and went for the coldest walk in a long time. It was vicious. Molly has a problem with her paws cramping in the bitter cold and I thought I was going to have to carry her for the whole walk so we cut is short and decided to walk again when it got warmer.

March 1st. We’ve been lazing in bed for another month, sleeping in, and I decide: it’s March, we really need to start walking again. We get up early, bundle up, and go for a walk. It wasn’t fun, it was darn cold, but we went. Our driveway is like a giant frozen bobsled course, but we braved it. OK, we’re back on schedule! Lazy no more. That was, until today.

I woke up early, it was dark. I looked outside at the lake of rainwater in the driveway and decided that I wasn’t in the mood to put waders on and find Molly’s life preserver. We went back to bed. It’s Mother Nature’s fault that I’m fat and lazy! We’ll try again Monday, but I hear it’s going to turn bitterly cold and that’s just not good for those little puppy feet. It might be June before we can get back on schedule.



  1. I have a good excuse . . . my pathetic greyhounds are more whimpy than I am (if that’s possible) in the cold. I mean, I would brave ANY weather . . . but it wouldn’t be good for them . . . and I have to look out for their best interests. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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