For My Prego Friends

Don’t get excited Mom, this isn’t a hint. It seems like everywhere I turn these days, someone else I know is telling me they’re pregnant. My friend, The Optimistic Diva, seems to be in the same situation. Well, for all of you newly knocked-up ladies out there, I thought I’d finally make up a few of the t-shirts I always think about whenever I hear about a new baby on the way.

Welcome to my new Spreadshirt shop. Here you can buy yourself a booby billboard. A way to announce to the world that you’re in a family way, but with a creative spin. There’s the straight forward Knocked Up, the old-fashioned Bun in the Oven, and my favorite thanks to Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life, On the Nest. For those of you already feeling the need for maternity pants, there’s also the lovely, Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?. None of the custom online shops seem to offer maternity tees, so order early and order large. And have fun – congratulations mommies-to-be!



  1. Well, as timing would have it, I’m pretty much done with buying non-maternity tees for now. Too bad, because it would be hilarious to have one that said “knocked up.” Wouldn’t my mother love it!


  2. I’m sending that to one of my friends that’s “on the nest,” as you say. The other one is knocked up with twins – I think she’s just wearing tents now.


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