Popsicle Toes

My friend, Flann, has a tag on her blog of “whiney” and I love that. I think I might add that one to my tags, too, because this post is going to be whiney.

The heat hasn’t worked in my car since Sunday. That’s right. It’s the coldest week of the season and I have no heat in my car. I also have no defrost so not only is it uncomfortable, it’s a little scary.

Luke checked the fan motor and the fuses and other car things and he has a theory. He thinks that there was some moisture in the duct work which froze and is now keeping the fan from rotating. Luckily there is still heat seeping out of the ducts, it’s just not blowing out and melting the rubber on my shoes like I want it to. Thankfully, the heat seepage eventually warms the car enough so that halfway through my half-hour ride to and from work, I stop seeing my breath in the car. Unfortunately, it’s never enough heat to actually warm me up and I am now perpetually frozen.

I get home at night and sit so close to the wood stove that I can smell my jeans singeing. I still don’t feel warm. It really sucks. I haven’t had feeling in my toes since Monday morning.

I asked Luke what we could do and he said, ‘nothing’. We either have to build a heated garage, or we have to wait until it gets warmer and the moisture melts, releasing the fan blades. Waiting in the cold is not one of my favorite activities. Its starting to affect other parts of my car, too. My odometer froze up for a day and a half and the back window refuses to release it’s latch. It’s great. I love winter.



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